Atelier Whale Fall

Haotian Luo, Jinhang Li and Zhipeng Liu graduated from the most prestigious school of architecture of Spain - the ETSAM, the Superior Technic Architecture School of Madrid. 

We hold the passion and capability of architectural design, and we have experience of commercial design projects such as architectural design and interior design,and also products and graphic design.

Our vision is to participate in the urban and economic development of global cities, providing high- quality design.

罗皓天,李金航和刘智鹏毕业于西班牙最富盛名的建筑学院 --- 马德里高等建筑学院。

我们对设计抱有极大的热情,我们也有能力提供高品质的设计。团队成员皆拥有丰富的商业设计经验,包括建筑设计,室内设计,产品设计及平面广告设计等。 ​我们将设计师视作全球城市及经济发展的参与者,用高质设计为发展助力。


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